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Mermade Hair Waver - Pink - 32mm

Mermade Hair Waver - Pink - 32mm

Regular price $69.00

Mermade Hair Waver MINI

Mermade Hair Waver MINI

Regular price $69.00

Mermade Heat Resistant Clutch

Mermade Heat Resistant Clutch

Regular price $28.00

Sofia Richie X Mermade

MERMADE is the brand trusted by celebrities, stylists, salons & influencers across the globe.  To work with us or stock our products email


"the hair tool every girl needs now"

Create big, shiny, bouncy, epic waves in seconds with the #mermadehair waver. Create the on-trend look everyone is doing at the moment.

  • Super easy to use

    Our waver is super easy & only takes a few seconds to get flawless waves. Plus, you get a bonus heat protection glove to protect your precious hands.

  • Auto shut-off you totally need this because when you're in glam & running late you NEED auto shut off. We make sure the only thing on fire is your attitude. 

  • Instant heat up

    Coz...nobody got time for that.  Our ceramic-tourmaline barrel evenly distributes heat within seconds so you have no wait time. 

  • Positively charged hair

    Our waver is made with a crystal stone that produces up to 6 times more negative ions than just plain old ceramic barrels.

"Get lush waves in seconds"

Boho, beachy, sleek, glamour or can create the perfect wave with #mermadehair. It's super easy to use - just clamp & release.

"You like my hair? Gee, thanks, just bought it"

Mermade Hair is the solution for babes who struggle to curl their hair! Simply clamp down and you will get instant, big, lush, even waves (on both sides :P) 


The world's most in demand tool

MERMADE is used by the world's top salons, influencers, stylists & celebrities. Its the must-have tool to geteffortless looking waves.


Literally the easiest way to get lush waves

Simply clamp the hair for 5-10 seconds & release!


Short Hair, Dont Care!

Yep, even short hair babes can be mermades. Our hair waver gives effortless waves in seconds. Plus, pay with Afterpay!