We all know a good hair day can totally transform your mood. That's why we create beautiful hair tools that can whip your mane into shape. Check out the below tutorials to learn how you can turn yourself into a real life Mermade. Short hair, long hair, thin hair, thick hair even curly hair - there is a Mermade for you.

How to use the Mermade Waver

Step 1. Section & clip the hair into four parts with Mermade Grip ClipsStep 2. Starting from the back 1 inch off the scalp, take small sections for a more defined Kardashian wave or larger sections for your beachy undone wave. Step 3. Clamp the hair, hold for 3-10 seconds & release. Move down the hair re-clamping each bend for a seamless wave. 

Mermade Original vs Mermade Mini

Did you know our Original 32mm Mermade Waver has a little sister? Its called Mermade Mini and it's made up of 3 x 25mm barrels and 50% lighter than the 32mm Mermade. Its perfect for a tighter 90s vibe wave or for short hair! 

Jade K × Jessy Murphy

Celebrity Stylist Jade K takes us through a MERMADE styling tutorial with babe Jessy Murphy. Love the look? Shop our best selling triple prong curler below.

Mermade Hair Dryer

Create the flawless blowout with Mermade Hair Dryer. Choose between two speed settings, amplified or concentrated airflow, cool shot function plus two concentrator attachments. Mermade Hair Dryer uses ionic airflow technology to increase moisture retention protecting your hair from long term damage.

How to get the perfect Blowout

Mermade Hair Head Stylist Chanel Beck takes us through the perfect Blowout with Mermade Hair Dryer.